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Xena Rap Lyric

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Xena Rap Draco: "The name's Draco, give me my props! Cause I'm the G when the music stops!"

Xena: "I'm the baddest Mama jammer this side of Thrace. Your expression's gonna change when I'm in your face."

Draco: "No, I'm the baddest rapper there is, and you’re the saddest there is, and that's the way it is."

Xena: "You're just a copycat, that's where your head is at. You chase the rhythms from the place you were never at."

Draco: "Ain't nobody tell you that paybacks are mother?"

Xena: "Heads up, brother, cause here comes another."

Draco: "It's time to face the funk blastin' at ya. You better give it up cause you aren't gonna match my rhyme."

Xena: "Just like old times, when you be trippin' in your own stuff, didn't know what."

Draco: "I'm the number one warlord, king of the horde. And I'm out to collect my reward."

Xena: "Let's get it on, cause I'm getting bored."

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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