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Tara's Dance Lyric

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Tara's Dance I'm a Candle in the dark,
My future flickers for my eyes.
I'm to reastless to be satisfied with silence,
So I'll push further through the night.
Say you want to put me out and then I'm wrong,
No I've heard these lies before
'Cause the fire inside, it just keeps burning,
Just won't stand it anymore.
You came alon, you pulled me up whe I was down
The way you made me feel just took me by surprise.
You took my hand, you stole my heart, you fed the fire.
When you moeved with me you gave me back my life
Let the spirit move me!
Let the spirit move me!
Let the spirit move me!
Let the spirit move me!
Let the spirit move me!
Let the spirit move me!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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