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Greatest Show

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Greatest Show Song Lyrics

The Oddities
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Greatest Show Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee...

Everyone come see the greatest show.

Gather up all Juggalos and roll.

Everyone come see the greatest show.

Gather up all trugalopes and roll.

Ah yeah! Dum Diddy Dum,

Get your ass out the way 'cause here we come,

And we's bringin' this spectacle into ya town.

We got creep shows, freak shows (Wicked Clowns).

Most people don't like these Oddities.

Most people would love to have a shot at these.

If you think you too good for us sideshow freaks, let me know,

And I'm gonna whip smack your cheeks! Come on...


Everyone come see the greatest show.

Unlike anything that you know.

Come and be down wit the clowns.

The big Oddity freak show's in town

* Repeat CHORUS twice *

I'm a sideshow looney, watch me get nuts.

I do backflips out in fronta mad trucks.

And in high school the chicks always gave us probs,

'cause I was nine feet tall, and my boy's a cyclops.

I can swim shark-filled waters!

Yeah, well I can chew nails up and spit out quarters.

Go cryin for your daddy, what's that gonna do?

When he's just as shook as you, you little snoot


Everyone come see the greatest show.

Gather up all Juggalos and roll.

Everyone come see the greatest show.

Gather up all Juggalos and roll...

Where you goin' richy boy?

What's the matter son?

Just because we're a little different, you gotta run?

I'm an Oddity.

You're lookin' odd at me.

But then I gotta be.

And there's a lotta me.

We's a little bit twisted, I gladly admit it.

I can unscrew my head off, and shoot hoop with it.

And you can't, so you gotta label us weird.

Even though your mama's got a beard. What!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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