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You Changed the Lyrics Lyrics

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You Changed the Lyrics Lyric

Stone Cold Steve Austin Lyrics
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You Changed the Lyrics Stone Cold: Where were we? Were we gonna...
Jim: I was asking you about the lyrics.
Stone Cold: Yeah.
Jim: I was just wondering if you're OK with them.
Stone Cold: These aren't the lyrics that I faxed you.
Jim: Well, I got your fax, and I just wanted to clean up the lyrics a little bit.
Stone Cold: "Clean them up"? You completely rewrote the song!
Jim: I didn't rewrite the song...
Stone Cold: You're insulting my integrity as a songwriter, Jim!
Jim: I- I- no, I think I...
Stone Cold: You saying my songwriting sucks?
Jim: No, no, it's great. Really great idea.
Stone Cold: Now you're patronizing me.
Jim: I'm not.
Stone Cold: Yeah you are.
Jim: I just wanted to...
Stone Cold: First you think you're better than I am, then you chop my song up, you ridicule me as an artist, then you
patronize me to make me feel better!
Jim: I was just, you know, sort of making a few simple grammatical... you know, just kind of tightening up the prose.
Stone Cold: Now you're saying I can't speak right, my grammar's bad.
Jim: No, I tried to maintain the integrity of how Stone Cold Steve Austin speaks, which is certainly... beloved.
Stone Cold: "Beloved?" That's patronizing again. You're trying to, what you're trying to do is saying that I sound stupid.
Jim: I don't think I changed the lyrics that much, but if you like your version, then let's just do that.
Stone Cold: You keep pushing my buttons. What's the big hurry here?
Jim: I just...
Stone Cold: Have you ever really created anything, Jim? It takes time, and now you're trying to push me into doing these
vocals? Do I feel like singing just right now, boom? No. Might take just, you know, a couple seconds to get ready. You know,
I have a real problem with trying to be creative with someone who won't cooperate with me.
Jim: When would you like to start singing?
Stone Cold: I'm gonna drink this damn beer and then I'm gonna start singing! I'm gonna sing my damn heart out, as a matter
of fact! You're not just gonna hear it, but you're gonna feel it!
Jim: W-what do you mean "feel it"?

[Thanks to Marissa for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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