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Drink Your Beer Lyrics

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Drink Your Beer Lyric

Stone Cold Steve Austin Lyrics
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Drink Your Beer Austin: You're impeding the progress of this recording because you won't drink a beer!
Jim: No, I mean, you know, I mean, my God, um...
Austin: I love the way you sit there and you act like you're not being pushy but you're being very suggestive, but you're
being suggestive in a very pushy way.
Jim: Why don't we- look. Let's just...
Austin: You got a resume? I wanna see your credentials before I sing.
Jim: Maybe-
Austin: What have you done?
Jim: What have you- um, why, I wrote your theme.
Austin: (imitating "I Won't Do What You Tell Me", his entrance theme:) Kssh! Da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da...
Jim: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Austin: See, I wanted to get ready to sing? Yeah, you wrote that didn't ya? And I love that how you put the glass in, that
was kickass. Genius.
Jim: Yeah, thank you very mu-
Austin: I know, and then after I say "genius" I finally get to meet ya and hang out with you a little bit, and I'm thinking
"What a f***ing moron!" And you know, when I think about it, anybody coulda went "Kssh! Da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da..."
Anybody coulda done that!
Jim: Yeah, but...
Austin: I'm gonna tell you one time, and this is gonna be the last time, to get a beer.
Jim: Okay, I'll get a beer.
Austin: There you go! You know it's funny, if you woulda got a beer five minutes ago, we wouldn't still be doing this five
minutes later.
Jim: I got a beer. See, here you go.
Austin: Just because you got a beer in your hand-
Jim: Well, you said get a beer and I got a beer so... I mean I figured that maybe that'd be enough.
Austin: You know, you're probably the dumbest smartass I've ever seen in my life.
Jim: I'm just trying to get-
Austin: How can I be creative when I'm starting to feel so violent?
Jim: I'm-
Austin: I'm telling you right now to drink a beer.
Jim: No. (incomprehensible stammering) I mean, not "no" but...
Austin: Don't eyeball me.
Jim: I'm not eyeballing y-
Austin: Look at me.
Jim: I-
Austin: Don't eyeball me.
Jim: A-
Austin: Look at me! Don't you understand that you can look at me and not eyeball me?
Jim: No, I don't.
Austin: Yeah, there's a difference.
Jim: Okay, sorry.
Austin: You're disrespecting me verbally. I see it in your eyes.
Jim: I- I'm not-
Austin: I'm ready to do this vocal when you drink that beer.
Jim: No.
Austin: What?
Jim: What? I don't want a beer now.
Austin: What? What?
Jim: Don't want a beer now, don't want a beer now, don't want a beer now!
Austin: Drink your beer!
Jim: Look, look, Steve...
Austin: Drink your beer!
Austin: Well, you're relaxed now, aren't ya?

[Thanks to Marissa for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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