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Step Back In Time Lyrics

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Step Back In Time Lyric

Kylie Minogue Lyrics
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Step Back In Time [INTRO:]
I wanna funk
I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k

I wanna funk, I wanna funk
I wanna f-f-u f-u-n-k

Non stop dancing the bus stop
To the funky music
Hustle, pumpin the muscle
Blame it on the boogie

Remember the old days
Remember the O'Jays
Walkin' in rhythm, life was for livin'

When you can't find the music
To get down and boogie
All you can do is step back in time
Ball of confusion
When nothing is new, and
There's nothing doin', step back in time

Keep on truckin' along
Riding on a love train
And then we can float on
You'll never go wrong


Step back in time
Step back
I wanna step back, step back


[repeat & fade]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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