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Getting Closer

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Getting Closer Song Lyrics

Tatyana Ali f/ Kel Spencer
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Getting Closer [1 - Sample ad-lib:]
Let's make it funky
Real funky for you

[Tatyana Ali]
Ooh, ooh, oh

[Repeat 1]

[Tatyana Ali]
When it comes down to me and you
There's no limit to what we're doing
Met no one like you, it's been a while
When I say it's been a while
This you best believe my child
I talk to you like you were my best friend
And I love that you're talking too
Cause I damn near gave my heart to you
Those things that make us frown, makes us smile
(Na, na, na, na)
So lay your head and rest
Be happy cause you got the best
Everyday we get closer it's true

[Repeat 1 in background]

[2 - Tatyana Ali]
I can feel us getting closer
And boy you know I want you
I can feel us getting closer
Don't know what I'll do without you, yeah

I love it when you're here with me
My days with you are so sweet
You clear up all the things that's on my mind
(That's on your mind)
You know all the right things to do
So now I give to you my boo
Your smile seems to take control of me
God knows what I would do for you
And what I feel no lie it's true
I see the future baby
It's me and you

[Repeat 1 in background]

[Repeat 2 (2x)]

[Kel Spencer:]
This whole friendship thing is cool
But let's take it past that
Give a Kel Spencer rap cat that's a class act
We've been friends for a while but your style and your smile
Makes me want to take it that extra mile
We can hold hands in the rain or chill in the shade
Let me know something cause I know you feeling the same
It'd be real cool, friendship we kept it up
Now it's time to step it up, change in plans, come on
Do it nice and Smooth, we both envisioned it right
Now instead of kissing the sky start kissing this guy
Hey yo it's real for you what I feel for you
And I'm gonna make it real ill for you, platinum voice
Goldie complexion draws my feelings in your direction
I know you're away at school, me too
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it's cool

[Repeat 1 in background]

[Repeat 2 till end]
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