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In The Middle Of It All

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In The Middle Of It All Song Lyrics

Irma Thomas
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In The Middle Of It All My house, is a lonely house
And it once, was a happy house
And the two of us, we were so happy
As I recall

But now the rain, falls around it
And loneliness, surrounds it
And I ...I'm in the middle of it all

My friends, look at me and say
I wonder, what made the girl that way
the girl doesn't even, smile at all
but I wondered, what my friends would say
if there world just came down one day
and they, were in the middle of it all

I gave that guy all the love,
that I had... had to give
And the love that I gave him
Was really, really, real,

Now I ache, with heartbreak and pain
And the hurt, that I just cant explain
It looks like, my life is, about to fall

But I built a shield around it
But sadness, has found it
And I'm in the middle of it all
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