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Blazing Love Lyrics


Blazing Love Song Lyrics

Where some would kneel and some burn,
I will not suffer injury.
When your voice is speaking gently to me,
No, I'm not afraid no more.
So won't you stop to have mercy?
People crying out because they lost and they thirsty.
In a crowd, hear me over shouting and cursing.
There be no fussing, there be no fighting.
We can move a mountain of worry.
On the other side, we sign together a treaty.
When we fly --Who can loose the lock in a hurry?
Can we turn the key?

Sun light up today in this blazing love.
Finally taking over.
Vibes that keep making me move.
Your eyes have the tempting touch.

See me coming for you if you're ready or not,
As sure the sun tomorrow will be brilliant hot.
Believe my love was born in an immediate light.
The break of day it will survive to chase the night.
So come on heed me calling, don't you be cut off.
As soon as the scene is lit will the experience start.
So see me coming for you if you're ready or not
And when we start come let me take it from the top.

Why would I have cares to roam
Where I could not feel your touch?
If you need poison can kill me, lady, without a claim of my own.
So choose the path that leads to me.
We can carry on though we be battling through it.
If you cry, I can sing a song very soothing.
Can you feel the beat

Why Did I Get Married Too Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010
Blazing Love Lyrics by John Brown's Body from Why Did I Get Married Too Soundtrack (2010). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)