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You Got It Lyrics

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You Got It Lyric

Roy Orbison Lyrics
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You Got It Every time I look into your loving eyes,
I see love that money just can't buy.
One look from you I drift away,
I pray that you are here to stay.

Anything you want, you got it ,
anything you need, you got it.
Anything at all, you got it, Baby.

Every time I hold you I begin to understand.
Everything about you tells me I'm your man.
I live my life to be with you
No one can do the things you do.


Anything you want (You got it),
anything you need (You got it),
anything at all.


I'm glad to give my love to you.
I know you feel the way I do

[chorus x2]

Anything at all (You got it), Baby. You got it!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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