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Don't Come My Way Lyrics

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Don't Come My Way Lyric

Common, Slick Rick Lyrics
Whiteboys Soundtrack - Movie, 1999
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Don't Come My Way [Common]
Yeah yeah
You know, Slick, why do he wanna come crib
Acting like he know how the brothers live?
We have to let 'em know
We have to let 'em know
Heeeeere we go

Behold a pair of white horses on the Death Wish course
Been watching MTV, reading articles in The Source
Lost on the other side of the river
Where death approaches the livest nigga
I wonder why this wigga
Would even come around my tilt
With grandmothers cry, uncles get high, and cats get pealed
My guys will deal with him, he got no rhythm
So let the steel hit him, we speaking jail diction
Hoe work and day oppression
Turn up the bass and let the system thump
So my neighbors won't hear the sparks as the lead gets pumped
Its a pre-(?) agreement in the cement jungle
Kill each other over money and white boys for fun

[Female Singer]
Don't come my way
Hawks feel the day
Things don't change, oh no
Don't you come my way
Come my way
See the day, oh no

[Slick Rick]
Little family so a junky living act as
Started smoking crack to fill the void within my black ass
1999, rolling as some broke cat
These white kids asking questions
about where to buy some coke at
Kinda shock a dude, Ruler turn a sucker to
Show 'em where these cats at, maybe earn a rock or two
Retarded, not knowing the kid hardest trife
Kill 'em, asswipes, I'll have a new start in my life
Till the drug lord knock upon their (?)
Disprespected, "Washed up rapper, what the f**k you want?"
The often asked, I could see others laugh
I got my man he wanna a buy a half a ki off your ass
Scolding 'em, sleeping and sold on 'em
Gimme the cash,
let me flash it through this peephole on 'em (Check it out)
He got hyped quick, pursued in the tight crib
Emptied on their asses, including the white kids

[Female Singer]
Don't come my way
Hawks feel the day
Things don't change, oh no
Don't you come my way
Come my way
See the day, oh no

Yo, How'd dude go cop a brick when he ain't got the loot
Ricky D, get the heat and 'Treat 'Em Like a Prostitute"
This wigga gots no heart from his Iowa start

[Slick Rick]
And a Section 8 cat, he don't want any part
I put two in there, ruin their, pursuing their souvenir
Nigga, what the f**k is that white behind DOING here?
Won't you say you wanted to slug 'em
"If your not here for the cable or the (?) ya BUGGIN"

Lights flooded the scene, there was blood and si-reens
The cops shot the brother, I still hear him scream
Black mans reality, white mans bad dream
Familiar scene from the Ickeys to the Brady Green
Its p**sy hallways, broke elevators always (ya know)
Ain't no place for our children to play
I try to go out in the summer and be feeling the day
These broke and stupid niggas, yo they still in the way

[Slick Rick]
One of the mightiest slang, and plus the night is young
I got long term money draining ideas from
Since they far, I'll find your brown sweetheart
Just being white your like golden goose around these parts
Hey retard, better hurry in, my name is Father Marion
I'll hold that American Express card your carrying
Put your nose up, don't, shut up, provoking and woke up
First where do you live, how much money your folks got?

[Female Singer]
Don't come my way
Hawks feel the day
Things don't change, oh no
Don't you come my way
Come my way
See the day, oh no
Don't come my way
Hawks feel the day
Things don't change, oh no
Don't you come my way
Come my way
See the day, oh no

We let the rhythm go
Common Sense will 'em hit where I hit 'em
Common Sense will spin 'em check it out
I guess I did 'em where they should to be done
Ain't nothing new about the wonder rap son
Closed styles like captions yo its time for some action
Man, I get bread, niggas get me sled
When I come up off their head, it was said
For that, yo, it's like this
Common Sense'll strike this, mic this
Just like some punchlines
How niggas follow me like one time
Everybody love me like the sunshine
Combine, ain't that you never knew of
Niggas say one but I've got two loves
Check it out, now how I do love...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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