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Try not to be afraid Lyrics


Try not to be afraid Song Lyrics

[The Man]
Try not to be afraid, so many things can happen
Nothings ever quite as bad as it might appear
I'll give you all I got, You know I can protect you
And try and stop you shedding even one more single tear
Shelter from the storms
[The Man]
Refuge from the world outside
Safety from the dangers
[The Man]
Escape from all the disappointments that time has passed
[Swallow & The Man]
Healing of the wounds, the banishing of nightmares
[The Man]
An end to endless tortured nights untroubled sleep at last
[The Man & Swallow]
This is the vow I've made, I'll see it all come true now
And all you have to do for me, Try not to be afraid
[The Man]
I swear I'll be with you, this promise that I've made you
[The Man & Swallow]
You will always be with me
[The Man]
Think of every thing you've got, try not to be afraid
Try not to be afraid
[The Man & Swallow]
Try not to be afraid
Amos arrives at the barn and the man suggests Swallow uses him to get to the
tunnel. The man hides as Amos enters the barn, Amos says that he has come to
say goodbye as he is leaving town for good. He tells Swallow he can stay a
while if she wants him to.
Amos asks her if she will tell him the big secret if he tells her one of his.
They tell each other secrets about each other and finally Amos tells Swallow
that sometimes he lays awake at night dreaming of her.
They sing A kiss is a terrible thing to waste starting in the barn,
then on the motorcycle on the way to the train tunnel.

Whistle Down The Wind Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1998
Try not to be afraid Lyrics from Whistle Down The Wind Soundtrack (1998). Rating: 4.2/5 (28 votes)