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The hunt

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The hunt Song Lyrics

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The hunt

[The Mob]

No matter what the outrage, no matter what the crime

No matter where he's hiding, he's running out of time

No matter what he's seeing, no matter what he starts

We'll tear him limb from limb, that's all that matters

No matter what

On her way to warn the man Swallow meets her father. He tells her not to

disobey him. She tells him that he does not care about her but HE does and he

loves her. She runs off to the barn.

The townspeople head towards the barn to kill the Devil who is hiding there.

The children block the entrance to protect him while Swallow rushes in to warn


The man tells her he has to make a run for it, Swallow tells him that she will

keep him safe. He tells her that she has got him all wrong and that she should

get out of the barn.

Swallow tells him that she knows who he is. He asks what if he had spent 5

years in prison and that the wounds were self inflicted to help him escape.

Swallow tells him she would not believe him. He replies would Jesus lie?

He asks what if he has done something too terrible to imagine, she tells him

she would forgive him.

He tells her he cannot bring her mother back and she says she knows that but

she doesn't want him to leave her, she needs him, she needs him to be who he


The man begins to sing The nature of the beast...
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