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Happening Song Lyrics

Chiddy Bang
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Happening (ft. V V Brown)

[Hook: VV Brown]
It's your choice, what are you waiting for?
Cause this is happening
Yeah, this is happening

[Verse 1: Chiddy]
Welcome to the life, maybe I'm good at living
Or maybe I could assist you at making good decisions
Yeah I ain't tryin' for no game, I'm tryin' to play though
I would make the choice to put you on, if you say so
But you a star and I'm leavin' in a minute
Your body your language that I be readin' in a minute
And my money like Even like Steven when I'm in it
And we on our last drink, we'll be leaving when we finished


[Verse 2: Chiddy]
Welcome to the life, doesn't it have a ring?
Head to the wedding unless a bad b**ch gathering
Cause the single girls all play the game, try and go out
She came with her girlies and you know they tryin' to show out
'Til lift-up time, we had that sit-back time
And my Cali girls always having kickback time
And you know that we gon' break 'em off, Kit-Kat time
I made her think it was hers, but the choice is mine

[Break: Chiddy]
So what's up? Is you down?
When you see me give me daps and pounds
Cause everybody want a hit of that OG
I smoke that sh*t and get high, low key


[Verse 3: Chiddy]
Ay yo we 'bout to light this dutchie, is you down with it?
You know we feelin' so high, we off the ground with it
It's your choice, tell me now is you down with it?
It's your choice, baby now is you down with it?
Hey yo we 'bout to live it up yeah is you down with it?
And if they on that bullsh*t, don't come around with it
It's your choice, tell me now is you down with it?
It's your choice, baby now are you down with it?

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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