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Bandits Lyrics

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Bandits Lyric

Buck 65 Lyrics
Weirdsville Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Bandits Cardboard crown across the side says fragile
Shirt unbuttoned, pleasure fool, i'm agile
Ripped up forms, men with swords tear the flesh
Eyes like shadows one way ticket marakesh

No doors or windows caught on fire high speed train
Smashed up lives torrential downpour i need pain
Stuntman's wife back-alley mattress wrath of addicts
Underwater second language mathematics

Run like a racehorse outright madness under the bridge we'll make out like bandits

Make a stop
Hurry up
Go away
Fight it off
Hit it hard
Dig a hole
Show the way

Take a dive
Break it up
Make it bleed
Dry now
Call it off
Kick it out
Let it breathe
Die down

Motion sickness dry and yellow heaven beckons
Tornado warning target practice seven seconds
Cemetere du mont pranass(?) Fair decision
Russels viper 3am midair collision

Silly girls and beat up boys all goin fast
Lightin fires killin music blowin glass
Whispered fury deepest secrets separate treasures
The eyes go pink now slap the forehead desperate measures
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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