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Single Lyrics


Single Song Lyrics

no one tells you how you ought to live
no one glares when you do jello shooters
*all* jello
and no one says that youre insensitive
cuz their birthday meal took place at hooters
and no one tells you that your bald spots grown or that you ought to tone your flab
*tone your flab*
so pour a double gin
here's to your double chin
yes start the party
start at ten
cuz youre single
you are single
yeah youll keep staying single if your smart
*if you are smart*
yeah youre single
you are single
no chick will ever moonwalk on your heart
*moonwalk on your heart*
trust me..
this is when the good times really start!
no one minds the laundry on your floor
no one pouts with every chick you look at
no one tries to clean your porno drawer
no one traps you with
*all* does my ass look fat
bust a move in womens underwear
while your flasking cher-a-wear
so fill your rangers cup
the toilet seat stays up
the fridge gets stocked with beer and spam
cuz youre single
you are *single*
not a care in the world can bother you
*can bother you*
you are singal
you are singal
you could do what youve always want to do
*always want to do*
no commitments cuz youre only passing through
whoa making a date with cellini girl is a waste of my time and my gerrycurl
i dont need a girl who dont understand when i got a date with my left hand.
well i like the ladies heavens knows, but in the words of niche bros before hoes
now i dont like a girl who would cry and bawl
in fact, i never liked girls at all
sammy, georgie, ricky, and bum, i'm starting to see where youre coming from
cuz i'm *single*
oh yeah *single*
i'll behave like a dudes meant to behave
*OoOoOoOoO meant to behave*
always single
ever single
single now and til i'm in my grave
*single til i am lying in my grave*
youre the best sammy...
though at times i might want someone to hold me tight
and promise me that everything will be alright
everything will me ALLright
thanks man
i'll stay single til i'm rotting slowly in my lonely forgotten grave
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Wedding Singer The Musical Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2006
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