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Victory Lyrics

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Victory Lyric

The Weekend Lyrics
Uptown Girls Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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Victory Today is gonna be my day
And nothing is gonna get in my way
Certainly not this
Certainly not this
Certainly not our last goodbye kiss
Everything that could go wrong
I'm gonna keep at bay

When they said all great men will fall
And that you won't win them all
I say

Now this smile has been in hiding
For far, far too long
You can't bottle it up
I won't bottle it up
It's time we both said enough is enough
With everything that has gone wrong
It's time we both moved on


Well I was just waiting for the sun to come up
To shed a little light on the situation
And why there's all this hesitation
When it was so clear
That you don't even know what you were fighting for
When nothing worked out you shouted out "War"
But it's so clear
You're not gonna win here

Today is gonna be my day
No matter what anyone might say

[Thanks to kaleidoscopisism@hotmail.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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