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The Snail Is Fast Lyrics

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The Snail Is Fast Lyric

Nomadik, V12 Lyrics
Turbo Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2013
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The Snail Is Fast [Hook]
The snail is fast,
The snail is fast,
The snail is fast,
The snail is fast,
Ain't coming in last because,
The snail is fast

[Verse 1]
The snail is not coming in last,
It's coming in first and fast,
And it's name is Turbo,
Let's go,
222 miles per hour,
He got the power,
He is the fastest snail ever,
Be that way,
No you know,
The snail is fast,
So fast,


[Verse 2]
He's going so fast,
Over the speed limit,
Oh yeah,
I know,
He's in it,
To win it,
Going so fast,
Never go slow,
You know,
He's losing control,
Indy 500,
Lap 100,
Still going strong,
You know


[Verse 3]
Turbo so crazy,
So fast,
Coming back again,
Can't believe it's a,
How can it be real,
He went so fast,
He's not going last,
Snail is fast


(The snail is fast) 4x
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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