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I Want Your Body Lyrics

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I Want Your Body Lyric

Nymphomania Lyrics
True Romance Soundtrack - Movie, 1993
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I Want Your Body Now

Venus the fool is taken
The beast in you has awaken
What ya doin' don't wait for it
All you need right now is the opposite sex
The urge has made you blind
Everything else has left your mind
Move you body drive you insane
If you enter the world of Nymphomania

Now, do it now
I want your body
Now, do it now
Do it now
I want your body

Trends what you're getting is technique
When you're getting high and you're lonesome
Dance let the move get into you
Open up and then put an end to defense
Make a walk on out
And all rejection turns around
All offense the name of the game
Join the club of Nymphomania

(chorus x2)


CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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