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Terrorist Threat

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Terrorist Threat Song Lyrics

West Side Connection
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Terrorist Threat [chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]
(duck nigga, westcoast)
I can make a promise now to take your life
(westside, bustin' that janky..)
I can be that threat that make you change your life
(duck nigga, westcoast)
I can make a promise now to take your life
(westside, bustin' that janky..)

[verse 1: WC]
It's about f**kin' time
niggaz ta came up with some real sh*t
and start bustin'on you b**ch niggaz and kill some sh*t
high shells and cocktails, rags on faces
a terrorist f**kin' it up in chucks with fat laces
in my cutoffs I stand with triggery canon
nah b**ch, I ain't from the Taliban I'm from the niggaban
westside, roll 'em motherf**kers up
call me Dub McVeigh about to blow this motherf**ker up

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 2: Mack 10]
We got you niggaz scared like a snitch and a gangsta cook out
and when the meter read red all cowards get took out
back with more firepower than before
to us a nuclear bombin' is just a drug war
and I got no gangstarizm and stardom
and got niggaz shakin' that ain't even from Harlem
spit rapid fire down in the whole place
and it's hard to breathe with duck tape on your face

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 3: Ice Cube]
I'm from that WSCG car
beat you up in ER from my PR
nigga, superstar, smokin' on a cigar
little homies know who the OG's are
been the sh*t since '86 and even right now
and gotta brag to this b**ches 'bout my lifestyle
no mistake the westsider for Al-Quieda
this ain't soopafly nigga I'm a spida

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]
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