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Think About the Way

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Think About the Way Song Lyrics

Ice MC
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Think About the Way Music is the vibe
so open up your eyes
time is running out
so find the feeling

Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang
Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang
im mek italian de spanish an de mexican
yes god put pan de earth all kind of man
japanese german an columbian
cinese and de russian an de african
american finnish and an canadian
dutch an de swedish brazilian
to the sirian the indian an jamaican

Too many people dem a talk 'bout peace
but the war ine de world man it just cya cease
boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang
unity a de bond an you know dat strong
when you take a look pan de television
nuff gunshot and blood deh pan nuff programme
level vibe level vibe an you know dat cya wrong true

Think about the way
that we live today
think about the way
how some people play

Think about the way
that we live today
think about the way
think about the way

Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang
milk an honey deh ine everyland
but a who have it all dat a de power man
an dem don't give a damn 'bout the situation
de homeless de jobless or de confusion
ina bosnia lord me know seh dem wrong
mek de future look good fi all de youth man
to come through

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