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Genius Of Love Lyrics

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Genius Of Love Lyric

Tom Tom Club Lyrics
Tower Heist Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Genius Of Love (Whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail?)
I'm gonna have some fun
(What do you consider fun?)
Fun, natural fun

I'm in heaven
With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend
There's no beginning, and there is no end
Time isn't present in that dimension
He'll take my arm
When we're walking, rolling and rocking
It's one time I'm glad I'm not a man
Feels like I'm dreaming, but I'm not sleeping

I'm in heaven
With the maven of funk mutation
Clinton's musicians such as Bootsy Collins
Raise expectations to a new intention
No one can sing
Quite like Smokey, Smokey Robinson
Wailin' and skankin' to Bob Marley
Reggae's expanding with Sly & Robbie

All the weekend
Boyfriend was missing
I surely miss him
The way he'd hold me in his warm arms
We went insane when we took cocaine

Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon
Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon

Stepping in-a rhythm to-a Kurtis Blow
Who needs to think when your feet just go?
With a hiditihi, with a hipitiho
Who needs to think when your feet just go?
Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon
Who needs to think when your feet just go?
Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon

James Brown, James Brown
James Brown, James Brown

If you see him
Please remind him, unhappy boyfriend
Well, he's the genius of love
He's got a greater depth of feeling
Well, he's the genius of love
He's so deep
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