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Mother and Son Lyrics

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Mother and Son

Tommy Soundtrack Movie, 1975
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Mother and Son [MRS. WALKER]

Tommy, can you hear me?
Tommy, can you hear me?
Tommy, can you hear me?
Tommy, can you hear me?
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.


Mother, Father.
Touch me, feel me.
Who am I, where did I come from?
Have you known me, have you seen me?


You're a hero! You are famous!
You're a champion of the young!
You are rich, but it's so absurd to try
To explain all the things you've done.
You're a god, and you're loved;
Thousands watch you play
Pinball! It's a fever!
And you're the master of the game!
And now that you're whole,
You'll be champion of their very souls.


Yes, I'm healed!
Delivered from silent darkness.
No more locked doors
Or stifled screams.
Pinball! What I see now before me
Is far beyond the game,
Beyond your wildest dreams!
Those who love me
Have a higher path to follow now.
And you, dear mother, too
Must be prepared!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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