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I Am Playing Me

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I Am Playing Me Song Lyrics

Title of Show Cast
Title of Show Soundtrack - Musical, 2006
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I Am Playing Me HEIDI
I’m standing here
Just left of center and
Something ain’t clear
When did I sign
On the line
Of this decree

JEFF (correcting)

Stuck in a show where I am playing me
That’s funny

Keep going.

I’m trapped in a whole
Nowhere to go with my role
Strain in my neck
For an exit that
Sets me free


Stuck in a show where I am playing me

Let’s hear the bridge

I insist I could make a misty
Hiding inside miss Ana Christi
And lord knows I could raise the roof
Playing the maid that goofs in Tartouf
And I could be awesome playing a dude
In the title role of the Mystery of Edwin Flude
Ooo… ooo…. Ooo… ooo..

SUSAN (as Heidi's singing)
How’s the writing?

It’s going. I’m getting nervous that our play is a little doughnuts for dinner.

Is that a show?

No, doughnuts for dinner… you know,
it sounds like a good idea but thirty minutes later you’re hungry for something a little meatier.

A little meatier? Like, a tiny asteroid is a little meatier?

Exactly… no. I mean I don’t want this to be just sketches and novelty songs strung together.
I want there to be substance, not just fluff.
Not that there’s anything wrong with fluff,
but I wanna strive for something that makes people really pay attention.
You know what I mean?

Uh… I totally stopped listening

Not a chance
For my career
To advance
And there’s no strait guys
Here for me to romance
I guess I’ll swallow my pride
And make the best of
The rest of
This spree


That is the note I’m singing Jeff
Stuck in a show where I am playing me

[Thanks to Jake for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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