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Wonder of It All

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Wonder of It All Song Lyrics

Scottie Haskell
Tinker Bell Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2008
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Wonder of It All Take a journey to a world within a world
And there I will be waiting for you
Place your hand in mind and we'll go on
Traveling beyond all that you've known
A drop of rain becomes an endless sea
You will always be a part of me

The wonder of it all lives in the heart we share
Seeds of greatness in the small
Everything holds the wonder of it all

Sun and seeds of magic form a blade of grass
Kissed by the moon a garden grows
Mountains and valleys from grains of sand
Look deep inside to understand
Unforseen life is a mystery
And you will always be a part of me


The wonder of it all
The wonder of it all

[Thanks to Cheryl, Akira, Angelina for lyrics]

[Thanks to Nikki for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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