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Lokasenna (Instrumental) Song Lyrics

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This composition "Lokasenna (Instrumental)" contains no lyrics and fully instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Thor: The Dark World" from official Movie soundtrack in 2013 year.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
Thor: The Dark World (Instrumental) Thor: The Dark World Video add
Lokasenna (Instrumental) Lokasenna Video add
Asgard (Instrumental) Asgard Video add
Battle of Vanaheim (Instrumental) Battle of Vanaheim Video add
Origins (Instrumental) Origins Video add
The Trial of Loki (Instrumental) The Trial of Loki Video add
Into Eternity (Instrumental) Into Eternity Video add
Escaping the Realm (Instrumental) Escaping the Realm Video add
A Universe from Nothing (Instrumental) A Universe from Nothing Video add
Untouchable (Instrumental) Untouchable Video add
Thor, Son of Odin (Instrumental) Thor, Son of Odin Video add
Shadows of Loki (Instrumental) Shadows of Loki Video add
Sword and Council (Instrumental) Sword and Council Video add
Invasion of Asgard (Instrumental) Invasion of Asgard Video add
Betrayal (Instrumental) Betrayal Video add
Journey to Asgard (Instrumental) Journey to Asgard Video add
Uprising (Instrumental) Uprising Video add
Vortex (Instrumental) Vortex Video add
An Unlikely Alliance (Instrumental) An Unlikely Alliance Video add
Convergence (Instrumental) Convergence Video add
Beginning of the End (Instrumental) Beginning of the End Video add
Deliverance (Instrumental) Deliverance Video add
Battle Between Worlds (Instrumental) Battle Between Worlds Video add
As the Hammer Falls (Instrumental) As the Hammer Falls Video add
Legacy (Instrumental) Legacy Video add
Marvel Studios Fanfare (Instrumental) Marvel Studios Fanfare Video add

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