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How You Like Me Now? Lyrics


How You Like Me Now? Song Lyrics

Now there was a time
When you loved me so
I couldn't do wrong
Now you need to know
See I been a bad bad bad bad man
And I'm in deep ya
I found a brand new love for this man
And I can't wait till ya see
I can't wait
How you like me now (8x)
Remember the time
When he took over
Ya I was a lie
That you cant give up
If I was to cheat on
Now would you see right through me
If I sang a sad sad sad sad song
Would ya give it to me
Would ya (say)
How ya like me now (8x)
Does that make ya love me baby
Does that make ya want me baby

This Means War Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2012
How You Like Me Now? Lyrics by The Heavy from This Means War Soundtrack (2012). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)