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Watchu Want Lyrics

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Watchu Want Lyric

Belief feat. Karniege Lyrics
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Watchu Want [Intro]
Watchu want son
Watchu want hon

[Verse 1]
I think stupid and write dumb
Spit foolish and wise up
Gettin more damn presidents on my bucks
Live life plus like I want
Basic king sh*t I'm thinking of
Like king Jaffe Joe, got that bro (got that?)
House sick Taj Mahal ill
Thorough bread cars got whip appeal
Front yard prospect, back central park
Wit' rules and I'm prowling a thousand guards
Money long like the Empire State or the Eiffel Tower
I like that, cake plus
My women are goddesses
Venus statues so erotic
Pull them in with slang melodic
You scared over there? Okay, I got this

Watchu want son
This is my game
This is my lane, Get outta the way
Watchu want hon
This ain't my babe
This is my cake, Get outta my face
Watchu want huh
This is my space
This is my page, Get outta my eight
Watchu want huh
This is my stage
This is gonna sting

[Verse 2]
Watchu want
In this world you gotta think big
If not everything might be shrinking
Damn mommy might not even like that size
Magnum, Trojans don't tell lies
I'm a Star Trek and Enterprise
Make gigantic deals, super size
Watch too long might lose your eyes
Like Elle Driver from Kill Bill
See I been had a license to ill ill
But the real deal is that I'm still chill
I been room waited and picked the ride
Saying next to the rest, cause that ain't hot
Be scorchin' on this, like it or not
They come back all day 'round the clock
Go ahead and front for the Jone$es
See I noticed, you ain't focused


Watchu want son
Watchu want son
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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