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Hunger Lyrics

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Hunger Lyric

Spectre General Lyrics
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Hunger When I see what I want
I'm going to take it
If it's against some law
You can bet I'll break it
My need to feed
Gives me the will to survive
I gotta find it fast
To keep me alive

* I can't believe my hunger
I want it so bad I can taste it
It drives me mad to see it wasted
When I need it so bad that it's burnin' me
I'm hungry

I'd do anything to get it and feel no regret
Time is running out and I ain't found it yet

* Repeat

I gotta find it fast to keep me alive
Time is running out and I ain't found it yet
Time is running out and I ain't found it yet
And it's burnin' me
And it's burnin' me
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