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All Men Are Freaks

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All Men Are Freaks Song Lyrics

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All Men Are Freaks Mother Ferd:
It’s a burden every woman shares as she travels down life’s roads
She dreams of meeting her charming prince, but all she meets are toads
It’s been true since the dawn of time, from the Romans to the Greeks
Honey, face it, all men are freaks
Sweetheart, face it, all men are freaks

I’ve had my share of men before, yeah I’ve been in many beds

Mother Ferd:

I’ve felt their lumpy bodies curl and I’ve rubbed all their bald heads
They have things hanging off of them, they have hair on all their cheeks
Sister, you’ve said it, all men are freaks

Mother Ferd, Shaniquah, & Diane:
Find kindness in your female heart
No need to act superior
Men need lots of therapy
Because they were born inferior
So spread a little charity
For every Tom and di*k and Kenny
Somehow all the love can fall
For which they all have many

It’s a burden every woman shares be she mother, wife, or friend
Relation love is no great prize, but still she must pretend
She must feed his ego every day and hear the babble he speaks
Sisters, let’s face it, all men are freaks
Oh, gotta love our freaks

I love my freaky freak

Oh, go find your freak

I would if I could only see

Oh, you go find your freak

Gotta find my, find my freak
Oh, gotta save my
Oh, gonna save my
Oh, my beautiful freak

[Thanks to Henrique Takimoto Jasa for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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