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Jacquimo Tells the Story

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Jacquimo Tells the Story Song Lyrics

Gino Conforti
The Thumbelina Soundtrack - Cartoon, 1994
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Jacquimo Tells the Story I love great romances.
I myself am a swallow of great pleasure!
Ha ha ha
vive, l'amour
These are stories about people with impossible problems!
Sampson Loved Delilah
oh, that was really impossible.
Romeo et Juliet oh
ho ho ho ho
But, the most impossible of all the stories is impossibly small!
The story of
Once upon a time, there was a lonely woman who longed to have a child to call her own.
One day, she paid a visit to a good witch who gave her a tiny barleycorn.
Plant it in a flower pot she says
and see what happens.
The woman did as she was told and by and by it began growing! until at last:
"Oh, what a pretty flower!"
"Hello mother."
"I'll call you Thumbelina."
But, can you imagine the troubles for a little girl
no bigger than your thumb, hmm?

[Thanks to Riley Noble, David for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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