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Inside of Me

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Inside of Me Song Lyrics

Disciples of Soul
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Inside of Me Even if it's all over, don't ever say it was all in vain
And don't tell me everything we believe in has been washed away
Because something still remains
I known it still remains, because I'm still the same
And there ain't nothing gonna change my mind
Because I've spent my whole life just trying to find
Something I know I need but can't define
Everything I ever wanted is here baby
It's still alive inside of me
It never died inside of me

Everybody tells me, open up your eyes, it can never be like it used to be
I say to them, open up your heart, you see just what you want to see
Is it too much for you to see the truth
Every time you look in my face
Ain't it a little late in the game to throw your hand in
And ain't it a little late in the game to forget everything we've been
Trapped by the locked doors you never could get in
It's still alive inside of me
It never died inside of me

There was a moment in time, we could almost taste the adventure every day
Now I know that we're a little bit older
but that don't mean there's nothing new left to say
Now we spend the days walking away instead of trying to do something about it
You oughta be right by my side
Instead of trying to find a place to hide
Fighting to keep everything that we had baby
It's still alive inside of me
It never died inside of me
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