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Hoochie Mama Lyrics

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Hoochie Mama

2 Live Crew Lyrics
The Sitter Soundtrack Movie, 2011
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Hoochie Mama [Intro: Mr. Mixx]
Big booty hoes -- up wit it!
Hoochie mamas -- up wit it!
Let me see ya touch the ground!

[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]
I don't know my reputation
But all the niggas in the hood say it's all good
But the bitch ain't shit, so you need to make a switch
Smackin' on ya lips with your hands on your hips
Triflin' slimy, don't try me
Playin' on the phone? You supposed to be grown
Bitch, stop lyin', I ain't with it
Keep runnin' ya mouth and I'ma stick my dick in it
Hoochie hoodrat needs home training
Ghetto-ass always complaining
Tryin to clown in front of my friends
By the way, bitch, can I get those ends?
Fuck theatrics, you ain't no actress
Lay on the mattress and let a nigga splak it
The bitch is full of DRAMA!!
Hoochie hoodrat is a hoe like her momma!

[Chorus (2x): Mr. Mixx]
She ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama!
(Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama!)
Yeah, she ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama!
(Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama!)

[Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice]
Hoe I love your big brown eyes
And the way you shake your thighs
Actin' like you're so damn cute
Let a real nigga just knock them boots
I don't need no confrontation
All I want is an ejaculation
'Cause I like them ghetto hoochies
Ones who like to pop that coochie
[Hoo wee!] Miami style!
Makin niggas smile, bitch get wild
'Cause freaky shit is what I like
and I love to see two bitches dyke
My favorite time is 69
Bitch you know it's hoochie time
Fuck what you heard and save the drama
All I want is my hoochie mama!

[Chorus (4x): Luke]
You ain't nothin' but a hoochie ma-ma!
(Hoodrat hoodrat hoochie mama!)

[Verse 3]
Mama just don't understand
Why I love your hoochie ass
Sex is what I need you for
I got a good girl, but I need a whore
I like my bitch promiscous
Hot in the ass and ready to fuck
Foreplay your way, our way, my way
Trick or freak, and I hit it on Friday

[Kid Ice:]
Girl, you know you look so cute
Ridin' 'round town in ya Dazzey Dukes
Come on over for a visit
Let a nigga ride in ya Civic
Cos I like them ghetto hoochies
One who got them big ol' booties
Save the drama for your mama
All I want is my hoochie mama

[Chorus (4x): Luke]
You ain't nothin' but a hoochie ma-ma!
(Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama!)

[Luke:] BREAKDOWN!!!

[Mixx scratches: "God damn, you a trooper!]

[Outro (2x): Mr. Mixx]
You ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama!
(Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama!)
Yeah, she ain't nothin' but a hoochie mama!
(Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama!)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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