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That Face Lyrics

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That Face

The Producers Soundtrack Musical, 2001
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

That Face LEO:
The urge to merge can rob us of our senses
The need to breed can make a man a drone
We must be on alert with our defenses
For every skirt will test testosterone
So knowing this I severed all connection
With any creature sporting silk or lace
I was firmly headed in the right direction
When suddenly I stumbled on that face
That face, that face
That dangerous face
I mustn't be unwise
Those lips, that nose, those eyes
Could lead to my demise
That face, that face
That marvelous face
I never should begin
Those cheeks, that neck, that chin
Will surely do me in
I must be smart
And hide my heart
If she's within a mile
If I don't duck
I'm out of luck
She'd kill me with her smile
That face, that face
That fabulous face
It's clear I must beware
I'm certain if I fall in love
I'm lost without a trace
But it's worth it...
For that face
That face, that face
That lovable face
It melts my Swedish heart
I'm certain if I fall in love
I'm lost without a trace...
But it's worth it for...
That face
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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