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Who are You Lovin' Lyrics

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Who are You Lovin'

Ice Cube f/ Mr. Short KHOP Lyrics
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Who are You Lovin' [Mr Short KHOP:]

Nasty girl, nasty girl, in ya own little nasty world [4x]


We just smokin, drinkin and f**kin,
and we aint dumpin nothin baby who are you lovin
(who loves you baby)

[Verse 1:]

We got a room full a clownin
And baby here got tha mean stark got me frownin
And we bout it like them niggaz from Orleans
And puts it down like we court grime from green to green
Make ya scrilify any means, f**kin up any sceams
Or any plots that you got, you best had get rocks
We gets knots, 40 aint tha lots f**k a mule
My lil nigga hit tha fuel, and traffic b**ches bust you
To get used by the cliq with tha bomb di*k like tha fuse
Like Noah, take em in two's for 40 dayz and 40 nights
In tha double tree up 40 flights.

[Chorus: (x2)]

[Verse 2:]

We can see that you f**k wit too many stars
We can tell em how u f**kin up that miny bar
Already know u problably worked at tha tity bar
We see yo tittys and yo ass got u pretty far
Fly b**ches aint impressed by a lil gold
But soakin wet off the power that a nigga hold
All ?? That a nigga fold
Bust a load, just as soon as we get u blowed
Get ya purse and ya pager dont forget ya coat
Before ya leave slip ya other girlfriend a note
Tellin her to shake u and bring back a quote
You get my vote for tha one with tha deepest throat.

[Chorus: (x2)]

I know this is a gang a b**ches by tha silhouette
Niggaz ran through a few and aint finished yet
Cuz when it come to tha hoes and time to get it wet
We only keep tha startin 5 like tha pinatech
They hit us off wit tha tongue fo tha nut licks
And follow through to duck6 and butt licks
Nigga f**k tricks, they in tha back wit they legs up
And im gon tell u how i want it whether head or guts
Im spread nuts, set it up, i show you how to wet it up
2 and 3 to 4 how this nigga kept it up,
Up to bat the 3rd time, nigga struck out
Blamed it on tha b**ch and told her "get the f**k out"

(People say its dirtyyy, people say its wrong
They look at out music like its a nasty song, its nasty!!)

Nasty girl Nasty girl in ya own lil nasty world [x2]

(People say its dirtyyy, people say its wrong
They look at out music like its a nasty song, its nasty!!)

Nasty girl Nasty girl in ya own lil nasty world [x4]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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