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Don't Worry (My Shorty) Lyrics


Don't Worry (My Shorty) Song Lyrics

[Rufus Blaq]
Dont worry

Yo Yo Yo U da bomb in ya lace wit da hot body
Work it out uh dont stop mommy
Drop on me
Cant afford to lose u
And watch all deze small time cats choose u
In tha third eye dey could abuse u
Hear u on da park bench sayin boohoo
All dese player hatas wanna do is do u
Spend a little doe and brew u booze to
It aint cristyle he bringin u bru bru
Showin u love sh*t dat few do

Oh is that so
Den who wuz dat hoe
That u wuz kissin on, trickin on, sippin mo
Hands in her pants on tha dance flo
Slow jam style to an uptempo
Ima put it down plain and simple
Funny style cats get lost to my flow

[Rufus Blaq chorus]
Dont Worry
My shorty
Dont u like tha way I dish out tha cash yeah yeah
Cant u understand dat I missed dat ass uh huh
Dont Worry
My Shorty
Baby I know u wanna make it last
Im da one datta take care of dat ass

Baby its real in my field and tha grass is green
You aint got game u jus lie and scheme

[Rufus Blaq]
You wuznt talkin all dat when I wuz freakin u out
Eatin u out
But u taste sweet in my mouth

That aint what its about
Cuz love and respect
You can keep ya 6 figure checks and ya lex

[Rufus Blaq]
I remember when u wuz spendin dem
Whippin in my lex whitcha friends and dem
Ha ha

I remember when a balla in tha makin
When I took u from Okies ta Tims

[Rufus Blaq]
Den I took myself from Tims ta Gators
Im tha owner of tha team no longer a player


[Rufus Blaq]
Keep ya mind on ya money and ya heart on keeping it
Luvs gon be der never try seeking it
If u aint ballin dont try speaking it
u got a good girl u shouldnt be out freaking sh*t
Im tha cure for tha common cat
Never been a typical and I woke let a nickel go
I love my shorty in all honesty
But I cant stop her if she gon leave me
I make mistakes straight up who dont
I fell for an ass in tha face who wont
I messed up damn now my girl wanna jet
Gimme tha chance to progress
Now tell me
How many cats u know that got doe
and aint gettin sweated fo tha cash flow
Its hard out there dont doubt me
We get down now shorty Stick it out wit me

[chorus 2x]

Tha things u do......
Tha things u do.....

The Players Club Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1998
Don't Worry (My Shorty) Lyrics by Rufus Blaq f/ Spinderella from The Players Club Soundtrack (1998). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)