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Settling Up The Score

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Settling Up The Score Song Lyrics

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Settling Up The Score Puffer:
Here to track this man in black am I,
With one clue as to the who and why!

I find myself
In this aggravating form and face,
Gravitating to this place,
Navigating t'wards this case!

Puffer & Datchery:
I've come to town, my ear at every door,
Half the clown, yet crafty at the core.
Settling down to settle up the score.
A kettle full of fish I'll fry,
I'll cook each goose, (to mix a metaphor),
and unloose a mighty meteor -
I'm settling down to settle up the score

My mettle will be more than tested!

Datchery & Puffer:
A debt'll be repaid before I've rested - oh!


No word,

What's brewed,

No grave,

No tomb...

Datchery & Puffer:
Who'll say who's done what and why to whom?

I'm on the scent, I'm inventing everything I am...

Where's the sacrificial lamb?

'Ere in bloody Cloisterham

Puffer & Datchery:
I've come to town to ask at every door:
Did Edwin Drood drown or was he washed ashore?
I'm settling down to settle up the score:
Red herring on a briny beach!

I'll solve this yet
As Grand Inquisitor!
Make a bet
You've met me once before!
Make a threat?
I only wish you would!
I'm settling up the score for good!
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