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Never Let Me Go Lyrics

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Never Let Me Go Lyric

Bono and the MDH Band Lyrics
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Never Let Me Go Wow. After I jumped, it ocurred to me.
Life is perfect. Life is the best, full of magic,
beauty, opportunity, and television.
And surprises...lot's of surprises, yeah.
And then there's the best stuff, of course.
Better than anything anyone ever made up,
'cause it's real.

You take a stranger by the hand
A man who doesn't understand
His wildest dreams

You walk across the dirty sand
And offer him an ocean
Of what he's never seen

Maybe I was blind
Or I, I might have closed my eyes
Maybe I was dumb
But what I forgot to say
If you didn't know
Is never let me go

Never let me go
Never let me go
Never let me go

You run from love and don't believe
Unless it catches you by the heel
That even then, you struggle

From red I learned to cross the strand
Your footprints still there in the sand
Everything else, washed away

I may not be alone
Oh I, I may have found my home
I may have lost my way
But what I forgot to say
If you didn't know
Is never let me go

Never let me go
Never let me go
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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