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Built for This

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Built for This Song Lyrics

Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & StreetLife
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Built for This I’m straight check me out
Sort of like Malcolm at the..
they callin for me, my time is money no automor
see baffle bar I keep it pushing no aura and or
no far and bro’s and no promotion for parent car
the game is ours let’s keep it funky who said be wars
like statin alien Italians please begin this source
if I ain’t shaking we staggin we already more
already cross the light fright already..
plus anybody that sayin no, I’m takin numbers,
I’mt akin names, I’m takin your chain take this hunger,
pain pain pain
then you fill the thunder and rain I don’t talk it like the rainbow
I get it done and the game y’all
do me your favor, don’t ever play with my ball
never been the player hater I just seem playing with you
you watching lame but look I’m takin the charge
getting hard and get you two shots now I’m passing the charge

Huh, five delight us gonna take a ride
they might catch you by surprise if you had a slide it
but if you’re built for this, then you might survive
guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side
Yeah five delight us gonna take a ride
they might catch you by surprise if you had a slide it
but if you built for this, then you might survive
guess I’ll see you when you wake up on the other side

Sort of like might you think united sinner
mad us as web bustin garden I straight they knight them
your rap say no five, the collapse so don’t try
I’m screaming as west down in my pair then no blind
there no fake and uncut and stay drop, what the f**k
I’m for the..texting 28 in my nuts
for them I took you when you ’cause I’d rather lay you up
feel like a free a hundred million haters and I’m..
twisted up life is a blood and the world is my ash
for I got the corters in them ass ’cause meet me I avoid
and I need a hundred percent of my profit they..with half pay
they takin no shorts our losses between ..
as I can reckon it, plan and got this dope the stress
turn off the..work these corners like behind PS
urn away the patience and I..just say find me yet
I’ll take it in the..you couldn’t buy me yet, you could remind me


Face the world’s worse quick the snatchin man purse
and lead your body head first in the stretch hurse
murder she wrote I’m on the speed the killer verse
and leave the play a bluss spilling on this lena shirt
you can co-goo my name and you aint’ gotta search
I’m right here in the street some putting in work
go ahead, go round make get your feelings hurt
and you can get carried out at your local church
I’m from the old school, I do my own turn
mama raise no fools and did my homework
keep your wifey close she’s a little flirt
I knew her since 03 I hit..first
I’m the reason why your baby mama were the burst
I’ve been marvelous at birth you connects my earth
it’s not a problem they show you how to shawty work
I out your body in the durable with the dollars worth

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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