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The Mearas Lyrics


The Mearas Song Lyrics

Text based on the poem The Mearas by Philippa Boyens, translated into Old English (Rohirric) by David Salo, music by Howard Shore

Solo in Old English (Rohirric)

for ?on he w?s scea he f?x w?s ford ealra me du and he f?x hla [2.14]

Chorus in Old English (Rohirric) (simultaneous with above):

for ?on he waes Sceaduf?x [2.14]
hlaford ealra meara

'For he was Shadow...., he, ...fax, was ...lord of all hor..., ...dow..., and he, ...fax, lord...'

'For he was Shadowfax,
Lord of all Horses.'

It is a fragment of The Mearas by Philippa Boyens:

'In the distance they saw him,
White sun caught in his mane.
Logn they called him,
But he would not come.
for he was Shadowfax,
Lord of all Horses.
And he answered only to one.

The Mearas Lyrics by featured in Forth Eorlingas from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack (2002). Rating: 4.2/5 (28 votes)