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Aragorn Lyrics


Aragorn Song Lyrics

This Sindarin text is by Fran Walsh. It is performed by Sheila Chandra
Solo [by Sheila Chandra] in Sindarin
Uich gwennen na 'wanath ah na dhin. [0.11]
An uich gwennen na ringyrn ambar hen.
Boe naid bain gwannathar,
Boe cuil ban firitha.
Boe naer gwannathach, [...] [1.33]
'You are not bound to loss and silence.
For you are not bound to the circles of this world.
All things must pass away,
All life is doomed to fadeā€¦
Sorrowing you must go, [and yet you are not without hope].

Aragorn Lyrics by featured in Breath of Life from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack (2002). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)