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Let Your Soul Shine

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Let Your Soul Shine Song Lyrics

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Let Your Soul Shine You're the ruler of your destiny
Can I talk to you about a thing or two?
It's not right that you're feeling blue
Never ever let them get to you

You know I've been right there where you are now
It's all right, I'll show you how
You can be, you can be what you wanna be
You're the ruler of your destiny

Whatever comes your way
No matter what they say
Always let your soul shine, let your soul shine
No matter what they do
You know it's up to you
Always let your soul shine
Let your soul shine

It won't take too long
Before you know
There's no other way to go
Then straight to the top of the world
It's there, in your heart
Don't let anyone tear it apart
You can be, you can be what you wanna be
You're the ruler of your destiny

Don't let go, there's someone here
To see you through
There's someone here for you
Someone here for you

You're the ruler of your destiny
You can be what you want to be
It's your life and you got the key
Wake up, wake up, wake up now
Gotta learn that you're in control
Of your body, of your soul
What matters at the end of the day
Is if you make it shine
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