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Mister Greed Lyrics


Mister Greed Song Lyrics

I'm the kind of gambler
Whose luck is guaranteed
Thanks to my partner
Mister Greed
He supplies the suckers
As many as I need
My silent partner Mister Greed
Ev'rybody wants to make a fast buck
That is why I always take
Their last buck

He's my handy helper
He's my friend indeed
He's the most important
Reason I succeed
I just pick tile lettuce
But guess who plants the seed
My trusty partner
Mister Greed

Oh what a team
Oh what a match he makes
He makes 'em itch
I make 'em scratch
And we both agree
We love to see those suckers bleed
Me and my partner
My trusty partner
Me and my partner
Mister Greed

The Life Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1997
Mister Greed Lyrics by The Life Cast from The Life Soundtrack (1997). Rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes)