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Easy Money Lyrics

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Easy Money Lyric

The Life Cast Lyrics
The Life Soundtrack - Musical, 1997
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Easy Money I Knew something good was gonna happen, I knew it, I knew it.
Knew I belonged in New York city, I knew it, I knew it
Started out behind the bar-
Ended up a go go star

Well you should a heard em shout and holler, and holler, and holler
Handed me up another dollar, dollar, a dollar.
Dancing out there in the buff, they just couldnt get enough of me, Anyone, who was there, would a seen why, they went wild,
they went nuts, Now I know what they mean by

Easy Money
I'm learning how to make it,
Easy Money,
You just reach out and take it,
Ain't it funny, how things can change,
My take home really was low, I never knew it was so
Easy Honey,
Just give um what they came for,
Easy Honey,
Just smile and play the game for
Easy money, dont let it end
Oh that Easy Money will be easy to spend.

Told you kid, You'd be fine, now you see things are breaking
What a night, It's a sign, from now on, you'll be makng,

Easy Money,
Tomorrow lets go shopping,
Easy Money,
We'll keep that sales girl hoppin'
Ain't it funny, how things work out?
Though some girls would refuse to,
I really could get used to

Easy Money
Reserved for pretty faces
Easy Money
This girl is going places
Some one up there gave me a break
Oh that Easy Money
Oh that Easy Money
Oh that Easy money is so easy to take

[Thanks to Katie for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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