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My Mother's Son-In-Law Lyrics

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My Mother's Son-In-Law Lyric

Macy Gray Lyrics
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My Mother's Son-In-Law You don't have to have a hanker
To be a broker or a banker;
No, sirree, just live to be
My mother's son-in-law!

Needn't even think of tryin',
To be a mighty social lion
Sippin' tea, if you will be,
My mama's son-in-law!

Ain't got the least desire
To set the world on fire;
Just wish you'd make it proper,
To call my old man papa!

You don't have to sing like Bledsoe,
You can tell the world I said so,
Can't you see you got to be,
My mother's son-in-law!

You don't have to sing like Bledsoe,
You can tell the world I said so,
Can't you see you've got to be,
My mama's son-in-law!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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