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Blind Lyrics

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Blind Lyric

Silverchair Lyrics
The Cable Guy Soundtrack - Movie, 1996
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Blind I need to get out
There's something wrong 'round here
I have no doubt
We're all gonna die from fear

Everything's dark
And I can not find
What I've been looking for
So I have to say I'm blind

But he can not see
Yeah he can not see, he's blind

I'm blind
Oh, I'm blind

If you do
Shed a tear
Don't come to my place because I
I won't be here

There's no love lost between you and me
And that's the way that I like it
I wanna live life like a normal man
And I think I can

But he can not see
Yeah he can not see, he's blind

I'm blind
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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