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Good Love Lyrics

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Good Love Lyric

RL Lyrics
The Brothers Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Good Love Spoken: We Wanna Thank You For Coming Out Tonight,
Right Now It's Time To Slow It Down So Grab Your
Lady Real Tight And Just Rock
To This...Sounds Real Good Ya'll Don't It?...If You Know The Words Feel Free To Sing
Along...Listen Baby

Verse 1:
Your Love Is So Magnificent And Jubilant
I Thank God Everyday Your Heaven Sent, It's You (Lord Have Mercy)
Stopped Chasing Them Skirts, Even Went To Work
Stopped Hanging At The Club, Even Went To Church...'Cause You
And I Just Wanna Describe Your Love Ooh Yea Girl

Like A Hot Summer Day With My Windows Down
Got The Top Dropped With My Friends Around(That's How Good)
That's How Good Your Love Feels To Me
Like Mamas Home Cooking And ???
70's Jam And A Slow Dance
That's How Good Your Love Feels To Me

Verse 2:
Can't Afford Much Iceberg, Gucci, Prada Boo
But Love, Love It Really Don't Bother You
'Cause You Look Good In Whatever You Have On Babe
My Life Without You In It,
Is Like My Ride Without The Windows Tinted
And TV's In It I Just Don't Roll That Way Baby
I Need You In My Life, My Life, My Life, My Life Is You Baby It's You
(Look At Your Girl In The Eyes And Sing With Me Fellas)

(Chorus x2)

First I Hadda Tell It Then I Hadda Yell It But Right Now I Wanna Spell It...
G-o-o-d l-o-v-e (continued through rest of song)

Put Your Hands Together If Your Ridin In Your Car, Or At The Club...If Your Just At Home Feel That Good Love
Ya'll...You Know What I'm Talking About

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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