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The Party Isn't Over

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The Party Isn't Over Song Lyrics

The Big Gay Soundtrack - Musical, 2009
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The Party Isn't Over Friday night
I spend the whole week waiting for Friday night
Anticipating all the lonely hearts
We all play parts on Friday night
'Cause that's when the party starts!

And the party isn't over till the bar runs dry
And the next one too, where you catch my eye
No, the party isn't over till we hail a cab
and I go home with you!

See, the party isn't over till the lights come on
and the sun comes out for the break of dawn
Oh, the party isn't over till you grab me tight
and make me want to shout!

Oh, at night, in my bed (all night in bed)
I draw you in my head (I draw you in my head)
I dream and make a wish, (I dream and make a wish)
and hope you come true (I hope that you come true)

Then I'm out again (out again)
searching for you through all those ends
I know I'll find you soon (I know I'll find you soon)
you can't just be in my mind (you can't just be in my mind)
I'll party till you're who I find!

And the party isn't over till I say it's so
Till I've had my fill, and I let you go
No, the party isn't over and it will not end
No, it will not end!

Oh, the party isn't over till I see your face
and I know it's you, from outer space
Oh, the party isn't over till I find the one
Till I fall in love with you!

[Thanks to Liza for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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