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I Want To Be A Slut Lyrics

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I Want To Be A Slut

The Big Gay Soundtrack Musical, 2009
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I Want To Be A Slut I was raised to have Values.
Of my forbarece my parents would be proud.
So forgive this vulgur phrase I shall use.
God! I need to get plowed!
To hell with romance, Just drop your pants.
I want to be a slut!
I've search for to long, For the perfect affair
To be swept of my feet but Now I don't care!
As long as my feet hang up in the air!
Oh, I want to be a slut!
I don't need a ring, While im in a sling.
I want to be a slut!
Im eager to please,
Im down on my knees.
Cause I want to be a slut!
You be the grill and Ill be the meat.
Ill be the harbor and youll be the fleet!
My face is a chair, now please have a seat.
Oh, I want to be a slut!
You don't have to be rich
with your own private Villa.
You just have to hump; Like a teenage Gorilla!
You don't have to be all that buff or a jock boy.
Lets cut to the chase! Lets see your cock boy!
All guilt deceased. Pretend im a priest. I want to be a slut!
In the john in the mall, giving head in the stall.
I want to be a slut! Call me maxwell im good, To the very last drop.
Call me bitch, call me whore. Go ahead call a cop!
Whoever you call just be sure hes a Top!
I've tattooed a Target on my BUTT!
Cause I wanna be a-
Its like will Rogers always said, "Ive never met a man I didn't like"
Cause I want to be a slut!

[Thanks to Adam for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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