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"Oops!" Lyrics


"Oops!" Song Lyrics

"Oops!" my heart went, "Oops!"
The moment that we met,
My heart went, "Oops!"
I never will forget,
My heart turned hoops
The moment that I met you.
"Oops!" my feet went, "Oops!"
I nearly took a spill,
My knees went, "Oops!"
They shook a bit until
My head went, "Oops!
You mustn't let it get you."
I was going for a very
What you'd call a solitary
Sort of stroll;
Just a twiddling my thumbs
When I heard a lotta drums
Begin to pound and roll;
And "Oops!" my heart went, "Oops!"
It went into a spin
Of loop-the-loops,
You must have thought me kin
To nincompoops,
The silly way I acted;
Of course you couldn't know
That you were so aglow
And I was so attracted,
But, baby, take a bow,
My heart is going, "Oops!" right now!

The Belle of New York Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1991
"Oops!" Lyrics from The Belle of New York Soundtrack (1991). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)